Exploration Permit

It is an initial mode of entry in mineral exploration allowing a qualified person to conduct exploration activities for mineral resources within specified mining areas in the country.

Mineral Agreements

It is an agreement between a private company and the Philippine Government, whereby the Government grants the private company the exclusive right to conduct mining operations and to extract all mineral resources found in a contract area.

Mineral Production Sharing Agreement – agreement wherein the Philippine Government shares in the production of a private company, whether in kind or in value, as owner of the minerals. The private company provides the necessary financing, technology, management and personnel for the mining project.

Co-production agreement – agreement between the Philippine Government and a contractor under which the Philippine Government provides other services and inputs to the mining operations, other than simply providing mineral resources.

Joint – Venture Agreement – an agreement under which the Philippine government and the contractor organize a joint venture company in which both parties have equity.

Financial and Technical Assistance Agreement

A contract providing technical and financial capability to undertake large-scale exploration, development and utilization of mineral resources in the Philippines. Foreign investors can avail of this.

Mineral Processing Permits

Mineral processing means the milling, beneficiation or upgrading of ores or minerals and rocks or by similar means to convert the same into marketable products. A mineral processing permit shall be valid for a period of 5 years but not to exceed a total term of 25 years.

Mining and mineral processing projects are both registrable under the Investment Priority Plans (IPP), being administered by the Board of Investments (BOI). Mineral processing projects are registrable under PEZA. Issuance of new mining permits and contracts are according to streamlined procedures.

Requirements for BOI Registration

  1. Duly accomplished application form (BOI Form 501)
  2. Copy of SEC registration, Articles of Incorporation and By Laws
  3. Board Resolution Authorizing an officer to transact, execute and sign in behalf of the applicant company
  4. Project Report or Project Study
  5. Copy of Audited Financial Statement, and Income Tax Return for the past three (3) years; or Sworn Statement of Assets and Liabilities of the major Stockholders (for newly formed corporation)
  6. All projects must have the necessary permits/licenses from competent authorities.